In 2015, the Asian Asian Cup referee group list was announced without Chinese referees _1

2015 Australia Asian Cup referee group list announced no Chinese referees
Sina Sports is said to have learned exclusively that the AFC internally announced the list of enforcement referees for the 2015 Australian Asian Cup.Surprisingly, none of the 42 referees came from China.This also allows the outside world to soberly admit that the future of Chinese referees and Chinese football is still long.There will be no Chinese referees in the Asian Cup. The AFC has announced 11 sets of referees and 3 sets of substitute referees for the 32 games of the Asian Cup of law enforcement. They are from the host championship, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar., UAE, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Hong Kong.Among them are old acquaintances of Chinese football, like AFC Golden Whistle Uzbek Irmatov, old friends Benjamin and Kim Dongjin, and of course some unforgettable enemies, like this year’s AFC Western Sydney and Evergrande quarterIn the final, Zhang Linpeng and Gao Lin were sent off consecutively, and Lippi was ejected from the UAE referee Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, who will lead the UAE referee team to enforce the Asian Cup.  The selection of the AFC referee for the Asian Cup is first considering the law enforcement record of the domestic league. In the past two years, the number of law enforcement games will reach 10 to 15; the second is the law enforcement level of the Asian scale game; the last is to look atThe performance of the AFC referee learning class.The Asian Football Association recently held an Asian Cup referee selection class in Kuala Lumpur. At that time, there was no Chinese referee participating, so it is natural that the Chinese referee will eventually disappear from the Asian Cup.  In the 2011 Qatar Asian Cup, there was no main referee from China to enforce the law, but assistant referee Mu Yuxin participated in the enforcement work as the only Chinese representative.(Liu Feng)